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Here is a comprehensive 3 Minutes video explaining our packages.

Silver Plan

  • This the default listing package, free for the first year (365 days).
  • List in 1 region.
  • Add your basic contact information.
  • After the first year you can remain listed by paying an annual listing fee of R200.00 per year (Valid from: Jan 2021-Dec 2021)

Gold Plan

Silver plan has a some more features than the Basic subscription, stay with us as we take you through what makes this plan the best for your business. For R2 400.00 a year, you get the following:

Template icon Image

Create your own webpage from template

Quickly create your customised webpage from a template. Choose your own color scheme, define your work, products or services in details, no limits in descriptions. Use your own words and language that your clients will understand.

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List in up to 5 Regions

Reach even more specific audience by selecting up to 5 regions that you service. Thus giving yourself and your business even more exposure to potential clients.

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Receive RFQs

Receive common request for quotations from clients who are Tradewall visitors. Furnish the quotation and send it back to the client on a click of a button. You can also send your customised quotation.

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Quick Setup

Create your page from our templates, preview it until you're satisfied, make the payment online, EFT or through a bank deposit and have your webpage public instantly or as soon as your payment is confirmed.

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Upload Graphics

You can edit that dedicated webpage anytime, you can add pictures and videos, inventory, etc. We will assist you where necessary.

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Web analytics

See analytics of your webpage visitors and campaigns that we will run from time to time to promote your business. You will also be able to see a summary of Tradewall site visitors. Get to see where your visitors click.

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Ratings and Reviews

Allow your customers to rate and review your business, services or products to assist new potential cleints to know that they can trust you! Reviews are regulated to protect your business and clients form malicious intents from malicious intents.

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Get to be listed at the top of our search results or filtering, you will also be included in our sponsored marketing campaigns.

Well that's all that is packaged in this plan and you can get all of it for only R200.00 per month, paid annually which is R1 800.00 for all these benefits for a year.

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