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Tradewall is an online marketing platform for service providers.

Our aim is to make it easier for you to find relevant service providers and also make it possible for service providers to market their skills effectively. We believe, if it could be easier to market a skill, it will definitely help reduce unemployment and poverty in our country. Also, finding a relevant service provider will help you pay less.

We have created a platform in which service providers can list and showcase their services online.

In this platform, service providers can list themselves and create webpages to define their services easily, this differentiates each service provider from the others and helps you find a perfect fit for the services you need rendered.

Any service provider that sees a need to avail their services to the public is eligible to list on this platform. Be it a company or just someone operating as a sole proprietary, from big chain stores to one-man. We cater for everyone!

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How it all began?

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Wherever you want it done, we have a service prover waiting!!

I was looking for building suppliers in an area that I was not really familiar with. I had to build water tank stands for one municipality in rural areas of Umkuze, in KwaZulu-Natal. I needed sand, stones and water for concrete. After struggling for two days I learned that there are people who own tractors and they are selling sand and water, charging per load really close to the place I was servcing.

Tank stands are fairly easy to construct and do not take more than three days to complete but, I stayed in a guest house for more than five days which was not cheap because Mkhuze is a popular tourist destination and it was in peak season. I had a similar experience in another part of KwaZulu-Natal, Pongola.

It then hit me, if only I had the suppliers numbers in the Area before hand, I would have called well in advance. Maybe I would have placed my orders and payed electronically to have the sand delivered to the site as soon as I arrived if not sooner and the supplier would have known where to deliver since he is a local community member. I could have organised water supply, all that I would have to buy upon my arrival would have been cement and bricks, but I would still need to know the closest hardware beforehand.

When I thought about it, it was clear that there is a need for a list of service providers, maybe just businesses in general for each and every area. The list should be accessible no matter where a person is. That is how the thought of a list on the web, easily accessible on a mobile device came up and Tradewall was born

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