What is Tradewall?

Tradewall is an internet business marketing and advertising tool. Tradewall has a website that lists businesses according to regions that they service. For example, when someone in the Middle-South Coast Region (Scottburgh, Umzinto, Pennington, etc) is looking for a service provider (e.g plumber), visiting Tradewall's website will assist that person to easily find a list of plumbers in and around Scottburgh and all other places within that region!

If you are in South Coast, the multi award winning plumber from Cape Town may not be of any use to you, unless if you are willing to make use of them, but finding a local plumber might be the best and quicker solution for your needs. That's why the service providers are not only grouped according to the service they provide, but we also ensure that they are listed in regions they CAN service and reach in no time.

Tradewall also creates professional web pages for the listed businesses (at an additional cost) so that each business can have it's own customized page to market, promote and advertise the products and services it offers.

In this age of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY the growth or failure of any business is/will be determined by its presence or absence in this strategic space.

Why Tradewall exists today?

I was looking for building suppliers in an area that I was not really familiar with. I had to build water tank stands for one municipality in the rural areas of Umkuze , in Kwazulu Natal. I needed sand, stones and water for concrete. After struggling for two days I learned that there are people who own tractors and they are selling sand and water, charging per load really close to the place I was servicing.

Tank stands are fairly easy to construct and do not take more than three days to complete but, I stayed in a guest house for more than five days which was not cheap because Mkuze is a popular tourist destination and it was in high peak season. I had a similar experience in another part of Kwazulu Natal, Pongola.

It then hit me, if only I had a sand supplier’s number; I would have called well in advance. Maybe I would have placed my order and paid electronically to have sand delivered to the site as soon as I arrived if not sooner and the supplier would have known where to deliver since he is a local community member. I could have organised water supply, all that I would have to buy upon my arrival would have been cement and bricks, but I would still need to know the closest hardware beforehand.

When I thought about it, it was clear that there is a need for a list of service providers, maybe just businesses in general for each and every area. The list should be accessible no matter where I am. That is how the thought of a list on the web, easily accessible on a mobile phone came up and Tradewall was born.

Developed with a single purpose/vision in mind :
"Making local businesses / service providers easily accessible/found by those who require the service!!"