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Why List your business online?

....... In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with the world that no longer exists.

The fourth industrial revolution as it is currently unfolding is being driven by mostly the Internet of Things (IoT). Statistics show more than 30 million people in South Africa are using the internet daily. A business that is not having a footprint on the internet is missing out on a great opportunity to avail itself to these people and will suffer a quick, unexpected death, due to resisting inervitable change.

List in areas you want to service

One of the good things about listing online is that you could be found from anywhere in the world. The downside is, you might not want to be called by people from anywhere in the world to render a service. For example, a plumber in Durban may be of no use to a client in Cape Town.

This is why we thought of a way to list your services in areas that you want to service. Our platform will see where the user is and will give service providers from there. However, clients do have an option to manually choose an area they want to search from.

Showcase your work on your own page

Stand out by showcasing your services or products on your own dedicated web-page. Our platform allows you to create your own page from our templates. This does not need any programming skills... If you can use a word processor you can do it, a web-page with photos and all desired explanations to highlight your services or products advantage.

This will allow your business to be well presented in the style that you pick and uniquely make your business and brand standout to potray who you really are. You can also link to an external website if you have one for your business, allowing your potential customers to see more about your business.

[This feature is under development]

Share your page online

Social media helps you build your brand because it enables sharing, we have made it easy for our platform subscribers to share their webpages on any social media platform. This means that your page visitors can share your content with their friends and family which helps expose your page to more people, an excellent easy way to gain new leads.

Analytics Data is available to you

....... If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Analytics will help you get to know your page visitors well.

From this you can tweak the page by enhancing user experience to convert visitors to paying clients or customers.

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